Photography by Kris Van De Sande | Design by Lois Leen

Meditations for String Quartet

After Marcus Aurelius' writings

My work Meditations for String Quartet is based on the writings of Marcus Aurelius. I chose to use his words for this piece because I wanted to convey his wisdom through my music. Whether economically, physically, politically, ethnically or culturally, the walls between human beings are merely imaginary. Many people seem to have forgotten that we are all part of a larger living, breathing organism; that we’re all connected somehow. This connection means: that which hurts one, hurts the other as well.

As a species, we need to learn how to listen to the right voices again. Not the ones shouting the loudest, or saying what is most convenient, but the ones speaking the truth, even if it’s a mere whisper. And precisely these voices have been given a stage in Aurelius’ writings. Through his wisdom, they speak to us. Softly, but clearly.


the affair on bus 11

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